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Episode 6 of The Grow Guide is out! 

Using Gardening to Heal Seasonal Depression

With the days getting shorter and colder, Maggie and Dave decide to touch on a topic many of us face during this transitional time of year — seasonal depression. Dave’s lists some of his favorite serotonin-boosting plants, Maggie shares a few gardening activities to do during the “off-months” and consider creating a “What Your Plants Say About You” quiz for all those looking for the deeper meaning in gardening. Plus, a listener’s question about how long to keep grow lights on for, evolves into a great discussion about plant habits.

Reading Resources: The 2011 Prairie Garden: Healthy Gardening

Growing Myself: A Spiritual Journey Through Gardening by Judith Handelsman

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Welcome to the brand new Gardens Manitoba website. Much like how we clean our garden spaces in the fall, we figured our online garden could use a tidy as well. Some pages have gone into the compost pile, others have been re-potted, some are bulbs which will flower later.

Plant analogies aside, we still have some exciting things to come for our site as we seek to have more interaction with our members, the public and vendor supporters. In that vein, look for an update about our legacy greenhouse project at CMU, an announcement of a new media initiative very soon, and at least a couple of more we can't quite even mention yet.

This is all a part of our goal to make Gardens Manitoba a community and THE destination for all things northern and short-season gardening.

Let us know how we are doing, feedback is always welcome email us at


Enhancing Manitoba Communities through the support and promotion of private and public gardening, and horticultural education.

Who We Are

Gardens Manitoba is a volunteer organization that fund raises in the community and partners with individuals and organizations to promote horticultural interests and activities.


  • To focus awareness on our natural environment and its necessary conservation;
  • To provide horticultural education;
  • To organize and sponsor horticultural events to benefit our community;
  • To provide a public forum for horticultural and botanical interests, groups, and individuals;
  • To support the enhancement of public parks and gardens in Manitoba.

Funding objectives are:

  • To raise and contribute funds to horticultural legacy projects that benefit Manitobans;
  • To support horticultural education projects;
  • To contribute to horticultural displays and projects in Manitoba.

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